Top five reasons companies switch IT providers

Top five reasons companies switch IT providers

Here at Condies Tech  we pride ourselves on our proactive IT support, the expertise of our engineers and the vast knowledge of our account managers, which helps our clients to protect, manage and develop their business networks.

We’re happy to say we win far more contracts than we ever lose, so what are we doing right? What are businesses these days looking for in an IT support company?

Some months, we report the findings of eminent research companies such as MORI and Gartner but this month we’re publishing our own conclusions. This top five may be less scientific than some other industry studies we report but it is based on the genuine feedback we receive from new clients who choose Condies Tech over our competitors.

1. Complacency

After several years with the same IT support partner, some businesses feel less loved than they did on the day they first signed up. At Condies Tech we know that familiarity can sometimes breed contempt, which is why we work hard to maintain strong and open working relationships with our customers and always strive to deliver excellent service levels.

2. Passing the buck

Many clients grow disillusioned when the computer issues they try to report seem to fall outside of the scope of their IT support contract. Unlike some IT companies who are reluctant to liaise with third party providers, Condies Tech will own your problem, speaking with ISPs, software vendors and third party contractors until a resolution is found.

3. You know more than their support staff

Some users feel they know more than the helpdesk engineers who are charged with resolving their problems. Others complain they always get through to a different person. At Condies Tech, we endeavour to build local knowledge on your systems to avoid these frustrations.

4. Hidden charges

Nobody enjoys meeting with unexpected charges and it seems many IT companies out there are failing to help customers plan their IT budgets effectively. Condies Tech works closely with its clients to ensure contractual costs are understood and expected annual IT budgets are realistic.

5. Failing to meet response times

Some companies report that their IT partners are repeatedly failing to meet contractual deadlines or that engineers fail to test systems properly, which causes faults to reoccur. At Condies Tech, we don’t need to fight fires because our resources are sufficient and our engineers well trained.

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