Simulated attacks that strengthen your defenses

Penetration Testing ensures that your business and its most critical systems are safe and secure. By mimicking real-world attack scenarios, we can uncover hidden weaknesses before malicious actors exploit them.

Utilizing the same tools and techniques employed by cybercriminals, our testers meticulously probe your digital assets, from web applications and servers to network infrastructure and user endpoints. This reveals areas of vulnerability which can be strengthened to help your business achieve and maintain a robust security strategy.

A close and bespoke approach

Think of us as an extension of your team. We work side-by-side with you, simplifying the intricacies of security, minimizing the risk of data breaches, and ensuring your most critical assets are well protected.

We carefully assess your specific industry and environment and tailor our approach to create a multi-layered defense that addresses your unique risks and challenges.

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    A robust security strategy

    Achieving and maintaining a robust security strategy helps to keep your business and its most vital systems safe and protected.

    Weaknesses in operating systems, services and applications are typically caused by design flaws, inadequate configurations and improper user behaviour. By trying to gain access to your critical systems, our highly trained testers are able to identify these problematic areas. With this knowledge, we can then help to strengthen your defences now and into the future.

    Penetration testing reveals what actions need to be taken, it also confirms your adherence to policies and controls and demonstrates your approach to security.

    Our experienced technicians help to reduce complication, lower the risk of danger and ensure your data is protected and compliant.

    Our testing services


    Authenticated (whitebox) or Unauthenticated (blackbox) Infrastructure Penetration Testing looks for ways of infiltrating your servers and critical systems.

    Network-Layer Penetration Testing gives you a greater understanding of your environment and exposes areas that could be exploited by malicious hackers or rogue employees.

    Network Segmentation

    Network segmentation testing is an important security practice that assesses the effectiveness of your network structure and involves dividing your data into smaller, isolated segments.

    By isolating sensitive data, attackers are significantly hindered from reaching other areas of your network if they gain access, slowing down their progress or deterring further action.

    Web Applications

    To identify application layer weaknesses, your vulnerability to the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Top-10 risks is tested. This is an agreed collection of the most common threats to web application security.

    We can also test for more specialist purposes such as the OWASP Mobile Top-10 risks, SANS, NIST and compliance testing as well as rigorous testing of your internal-facing web-based applications.

    Mobile Applications

    To mitigate your risk of data loss through mobile access, we provide Mobile Application Testing which examines features such as application sandboxing, mobile platform usage, transmission and storage of data, authentication mechanisms and cryptographic mechanisms.

    By testing your mobile applications across different devices and operating systems, we can identify platform-specific vulnerabilities and compatibility issues.

    Configuration Reviews

    Alongside Penetration Testing, we also carry out Configuration Reviews for even greater peace of mind. This equally important aspect of information security is tested to ensure your standards are properly defined and are being adhered to. Non-networking components such as servers, laptops, phones and tablets as well as firewalls, routers and switches are tested to ensure they’re secure and resistant to attack.

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