Summer release rumoured for iPhone 5s

Summer release rumoured for iPhone 5s

American tech giant Apple is rumoured to be starting production on its newest iPhone ahead of a launch planned for this summer.

Apple typically releases its mobile devices once a year, often coming at the end of the summer. Whilst the notoriously secretive company hasn’t officially confirmed the rumours, whispers in the tech world claim that it will be breaking with tradition in 2013 and readying its next iPhone for an earlier release.

[alert color=”blue”] The origin of this gossip goes back to the Wall Street Journal, which claims it was told by “people familiar with the device’s production” that manufacturing would start imminently – with a view to making the device available worldwide at the height of summer (in the Northern Hemisphere, at least). [/alert]

It is also widely expected that the new device will be the iPhone 5S, as opposed to a revolutionised iPhone 6. This speculation is based less on inside intelligence and more on the company’s track record. Historically, Apple has unveiled new models midway through each generation that looked no different but contained faster processors.

The new device is expected to continue this trend, with the screen and case almost unchanged but the internal hardware containing a more powerful processor and potentially more hard drive space. Counter rumours have claimed the device will actually be smaller than its predecessor; following the iPad Mini into the budget market. Those who expect an ‘iPhoneMmini’ also suggest the device could start branching out colour-wise; veering away from the traditional black or white models.

One change that could reach all Apple users is a new iOS, which is tipped for launch at the same time as the new device – although well-connected Apple blogger John Gruber claimed that iOS 7 was “running behind”, so was unlikely to be presented to the world simultaneously with the phone.

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