SanDisk creates ground-breaking new SD card

SanDisk creates ground-breaking new SD card

Computer users are now able to store more data on a single memory card than ever before, after storage specialist SanDisk created an SD card with a capacity of 512GB.

The launch, which was announced last month, comes ten years after SanDisk released its first 512MB SD card. This was a major breakthrough at the time and the company has continued to expand its offerings as technology has improved.

Whilst this is the largest capacity to hit the market so far, some experts are already discussing the likelihood of one day being able to fit 2TB of data onto one card.  This is the approximate equivalent of 2,000GB.

The new card has been created with film-makers in mind, especially those shooting in 4K. This new format offers much greater quality but files are also considerably larger. One minute of footage, for instance, can take up as much as 5GB of storage space – four times that of standard HD content.

Crucial for those who prefer local storage

According to one mobile analyst, IDC’s John Delaney, this kind of innovation is crucial to the evolution of technology, despite the rising popularity of the cloud.

Delaney commented: “So far there’s still a strong preference for local storage. People just feel more in control and more able to rely on being able to access the content when they literally know where it is.”

He went on to suggest that recent high-profile security breaches – such as the celebrity photo scandal – have damaged the cloud’s reputation slightly, and that many people will look to tighten their defences by moving their data to hard drives and memory cards instead.

Amazon UK was selling the new cards for £826 this month, although as the related technologies continue to improve, it is expected for the price point to reduce.

Published On: October 14, 2014/By /Categories: New Technologies, Product News/
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