Rapid rise in UK broadband speeds

Rapid rise in UK broadband speeds

The latest State of the Internet report by Akamai has found that the UK saw one of the largest increases in terms of internet speeds over the past 12 months – now standing at around 8.4Mbps – representing a huge rise of 48 per cent.

In terms of world rankings, this puts us in joint tenth place with Sweden although we still have a long way to go to reach South Korea out in first place with an impressive 13.3Mbps average. The average global connection speed has now reached 3.3Mbps after a rise of 5.2 per cent since the previous quarter’s report.

When it comes to average peak connection speeds – the top speed the average user can expect to achieve from its internet service provider (ISP) – the UK ranked fifth in Europe and 14th globally with an average top speed of 37.1Mbps. Romania took first place in the European tables with 47.5Mbps and Hong Kong performed best worldwide with a whopping 65.1Mbps.

Report author and product line director for custom analytics, David Belson, said the second quarter of the year saw some of the most impressive trends, especially as half of all connections to Akamai were at 4Mbps or higher – a 25 per cent rise compared to data from the first quarter of 2012.

“We also saw a decline in the number of countries and regions with average connection speeds of 1Mbps or less – down to 11 from 14 in the last quarter – likely indicative of improved broadband connectivity across some of the slowest geographies,” he explained. “These positive trends bode well for the continued increase and adoption of broadband connectivity around the world.”

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