New Surface 3 the thinnest and lightest yet

New Surface 3 the thinnest and lightest yet

The recently announced Surface 3 from Microsoft will be the thinnest and lightest iteration yet, the manufacturer has said.

Similar to the Surface Pro 3, the new model is crafted from the very same premium materials and offers a similar look. The only real difference is its size – the Surface 3 being not only more efficient but also more compact. Its screen measures in at 10.8 inches, where the Pro 3 is slightly bigger at 12 inches.

Considering the Surface 3 is also just 8.7mm thin and 1.37 pounds, it’s being billed as ideal for anyone looking to double up their laptop as a tablet. The Type Cover keyboard can be removed and attached whenever needed, and the kickstand can be used in three different positions.

With prices starting at £419.99, the Surface 3 is more affordable than its Pro cousin. There’s also a 4G version which allows users to work on the move more easily, a feature which the Pro does not provide. One of the key new features is that the Surface 3 runs full Windows 8.1, giving Surface 2 owners a reason to update, reports

The rear camera offers eight megapixels, whilst the front-facing is 3.5 megapixels. Battery-wise, a full charge will last around ten hours of use and the device is charged using a micro USB.

Users can choose between a 64GB or 128GB hard drive, with a year’s subscription to Office 365 included.

Panos Panay, corporate vice president at Microsoft Surface, said: “Surface 3 brings what customers love about Surface Pro 3 to more people, delivering the premium design and productivity of Surface in a more affordable device.

We’ve taken everything we learned making Surface Pro 3 and poured that innovation into this newest Surface. It’s beautiful, versatile, powerful and productive, and our customers are going to love what it lets them do.”

The Surface 3 can be pre-ordered now, but it won’t hit the shelves until 5th May.

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