Microsoft reveals its past, present and future in the world of AI

Microsoft reveals its past, present and future in the world of AI

Microsoft has lifted the lid on its developments in the world of AI technology, to showcase not only its plans for the future but also the work it has already undertaken – for perhaps longer than most people realise.

In a series of videos dubbed ‘ExplAIning AI: The fundamentals and the frontiers’, Microsoft has outlined its approach to developing intelligent technology, all the while keeps productivity, creativity and responsibility at its core.

It began with the assertion that work to develop AI at Microsoft had been ongoing for decades, not just since the likes of ChatGPT put the industry firmly in the spotlight. In fact, the company said that users almost certainly been using forms of AI every day, even if they hadn’t realised. Some examples include background noise reduction on video calls and translating meetings into different languages.

Microsoft then went on to explain the recent developments in so-called ‘generative AI’, such as that used by ChatGPT. This uses existing data to create new content, as opposed to previous techniques where datasets were analysed to identify trends and patterns. Microsoft even got an AI engine to create a pop song that explains how the system works to beginners – though its musical credentials are still up for debate.

On a corporate level, Microsoft said its AI solutions are also helping prevent fraud and improve customer service, as well as societal advances including boosting digital literacy and helping to create more sustainable farming methods. These latter developments are part of the company’s drive to use AI sustainably, as it says that whilst the “opportunities are huge, the responsibilities are even bigger.”

To not only drive real benefits, but also create a line of defence against those looking to use AI for bad motives, Microsoft has also created a responsible AI standard, which guides and informs its developments through every stage of implementation.

These previous successes and developments haven’t left Microsoft resting on its laurels, though. Firmly looking towards the future, one video declares that the next year will be “one of the most exciting and innovative yet, leading us to places that now we can only imagine.”

Published On: April 27, 2023/By /Categories: Microsoft News, New Technologies/
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