Google delivers the web to your TV

Google delivers the web to your TV

Google has launched Chromecast, a pen drive style attachment that connects to your television through an HDMI port. This small device will allow you to access online entertainment through your HD set.

Chromecast is Google’s replacement for its failed Nexus Q. The company’s former attempt at a media streaming dongle came and went in 2012, after negative feedback from consumers deemed it lacking in features for the hefty £195 price tag. The latest offering is far kinder on the purse strings at a very affordable £23, making it accessible to most households.

With Chromecast, consumers will be able to view content from mobile apps such as Netflix, YouTube and Google Play Movies and can even play music from the likes of Pandora and Google Play Music.

Users can control streaming from a mobile device or connect to Google Chrome on their laptops to stream a page from the internet straight to their television via Wi-Fi.

Google put the product on sale on 24th July and high demand saw it sell out on a number or sites, including Amazon. Initially, a three-month free subscription to Netflix was offered to entice customers, but this was quickly withdrawn after sales exceeded expectations.

Smallest, cheapest, simplest way to add internet to your TV

Reviews have been positive on the whole, with David Pogue of The New York Times commenting that “It’s already a fine price for what this gadget does, and it will seem better and better the more video apps are made to work with it.” Pogue also deemed it the “smallest, cheapest, simplest way yet to add internet to your TV.”

The device even comes with its own software development kit (SDK) – great news for mobile app developers who will be able to make their applications compatible with Chromecast.

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