Five of the most innovative Android apps on the market

Five of the most innovative Android apps on the market

While Apple’s iOS gets the lion’s share of press coverage when it comes to applications (apps), Google’s Android boasts some of the most innovative business solutions around. Below is a rundown of its top business apps.

1. LogMeIn Ignition

Ignition allows users to access their PC or Mac from their smartphone or tablet. LogMeIn has a long history of remote access software and is one of the best known providers in the industry. Business users will be able to quickly access desktop applications from mobile devices such as Office, or their CRM from anywhere in the world.

2. Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Video

Vault-Hide is a brilliant application which gives users an encrypted folder to stash away confidential information. Whether it be text messages, photos, videos, contacts or call logs, Vault-Hide can help hide and encrypt all sensitive data. With so many organisations carrying around business critical information on mobile devices, this could be another useful tool to help prevent costly data breaches.

3. Locale

Locale is a clever little application which automates common tasks based on location. For example, once the user arrives at work, Locale will switch the Wi-Fi on and the ringer off. Multiple rules can be built on top of each other, making this a very handy tool for business users who spend a lot of time carrying out repetitive tasks on their phones.

4. PowerPoint Keynote Remote

Gone are the days of having to carry around multiple pointer devices to do presentations. This app uses your mobile’s ability to create a hotspot, which your laptop or computer then connects to. The application also works with Bluetooth, meaning that regardless of environment, you’ll be able to breeze wirelessly through your slides. As the name suggests, the app works with both PowerPoint on PC and Keynote on OSX.

5. Box

This useful cloud storage app allows users to sync files between devices and includes an impressive 5 GB of free storage in the cloud. The service comes with file level encryption, the ability to switch on passcode access and auto logout, making this a highly-secure mobile storage option.

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