Cyber Security


Cyber attacks are increasing in number, scale and sophistication, and pose a constant threat to all businesses. So is your organisation capable of defending itself against cyber attacks?

Forth Tech has the tools, skills and experience needed to minimise the risk of a cyber attack. Unfortunately, in today’s ever-changing world, no network is absolutely bulletproof, which is why it is so important to review security, backup and disaster recovery procedures at regular intervals. Speak to our experts today about a security audit of your business infrastructure.



  • Manage the risk
  • Encryption
  • Disaster recovery
  • Network and computer security
  • User and device credentials
  • Awareness
  • Accreditations
  • Information sharing

A number of technical and procedural controls need to be put in place to either prevent or minimise the disruption from a cyber security attack. Forth Tech is able to advise on and implement these measure, which include:

  • Boundary firewalls are used to protect information and computers on an organisation’s network from unauthorised access from the Internet.
  • Secure configuration. All network devices should provide only the services required to fulfil their role, and should be configured in a way that reduces the level of vulnerabilities that are inherent in default installations.
  • Access gateway. User accounts, especially administrator accounts, should be assigned only to authorised individuals, and should provide the minimum level of access necessary.
  • Malware protection. It is essential that computers that are connected to the Internet have malware protection installed.
  • Patch management. Software running on all PC/Servers should be kept up to date and have the latest security patches installed.


Protecting your confidential data from being used if it is ever stolen or accessed fraudulently requires encryption.


Our email and large file transfer solution offers a combination of a policy-based gateway and desktop email encryption designed to secure and control information.

Hard Drive

Our full disk encryption solution secures data on touch-screen tablets, laptops, desktops, servers and removable media from theft and loss.

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