Business tablet uptake to double by 2017

Business tablet uptake to double by 2017

Analysts have predicted that the number of businesses using tablets will double by 2017 as they become increasingly popular in the commercial sector.

Analyst firm, IDC, says that ten per cent of worldwide tablet sales are made in the commercial sector and predicts that this figure could double to 20 per cent, as more businesses are turning away from PCs to tablets and smartphones instead.

In fact, the firm predicts that PC shipments will fall by 9.7 per cent compared to last year, as businesses invest in smartphones and tablets instead, although it did add that the economic climate in the West is also to blame.

Keep taking the tablets

Originally, IDC estimated that tablet sales would reach 229.3 million this year but has since lowered that to 227.4 million, due to the fact Western tablet markets are becoming increasingly saturated. However, this means that tablets are still achieving a 57.7 per cent year-on-year growth.

Tablets research director at IDC, Tom Mainelli, said the second half of the year is most important for the tablet market, as sales usually increase running up to the holiday period. It is expected that the price of tablets will drop because lesser-known brands are becoming more prominent within the market.

IDC does believe that there are some markets that will heavily affect tablet sales though. The biggest threat is wearable tech such as Google Glass and the Samsung Galaxy Gear watch. Large smartphones also pose a threat, as the market has seen an increase in demand for phones with screens as big as five inches or more.

Jitesh Ubrani, IDC research analyst, also commented, stating that the tablet market is maturing and added that some regions will see a bigger and longer growth than others.

“Much of the long-term growth will be driven by countries like China where projected growth rates will be consistently higher than the worldwide average,” he said.

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