Apple & BlackBerry crumble. Windows sweet as pie.

Apple & BlackBerry crumble. Windows sweet as pie.

According to recent statistics revealing the current positions of the major platforms, Windows phone has doubled its market share, while Apple and BlackBerry have taken a tumble.

The data released by found that Microsoft’s share of the smartphone market increased from 4 per cent to 8.4 per cent in the three months leading up to April 2013. This recent boost for Microsoft is likely to be fuelled by the sale of Nokia handsets, using Windows as their primary platform.


Elsewhere, Android remains the frontrunner with a 56.9 per cent market share – a 6.8 per cent increase on the previous year. Apple’s iOS lost 1.6 per cent of its market share; although with 28.7 per cent of the overall UK market, it still remains well clear of the rest of the pack.

BlackBerry OS was the biggest loser with its share of the market falling from 13.6 per cent last year to 5.6 per cent. The figures pushed the once dominant force in the smartphone market and innovator of mobile email into a rather dismal 4th place.

European markets display similar pattern

Kantar also looked to other major European markets such as Germany, France, Italy and Spain, where the story was found to be much the same.

Reports established that iOS was down 1.8 per cent year-on-year across all the countries; a statistic which many say is a confirmation of Apple’s continuing fall from grace.

Android held an impressive 69.9 per cent market share across the five major countries. This domination is probably being spearheaded by Samsung’s Galaxy range, which continues to go from strength to strength.

With Windows device sales on the up, BlackBerry’s continuing to tumble, Android becoming ubiquitous with a range of devices and Apple gearing up for the launch of its next generation of devices, all eyes will be on results for the rest of 2013 to see whether any of the tech giants can buck the current trends.

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