10-apps for a stress free Christmas

10-apps for a stress free Christmas

The Daily Telegraph has compiled a top 10 list of mobile phone apps that can make your Christmas period less stressful. So take a deep breathe, sit back, reach for a mince pie and install the following to your mobile device.

1. Gophr
App available on iOS and Android, free

A service that puts you in direct contact with one of its network of couriers. No middlemen means less cost but Gophr boasts it is the only Living Wage accredited courier company in the whole of the UK. Track your bicycle, motorbike or van courier (your choice) via GPS after booking online.

2. Pinterest
App available on iOS and Android, free

If you’re lacking inspiration for your Christmas gift shopping, virtual pinboard Pinterest is a great place to search for ideas. Many of the products you see link back to website where you can purchase online for even greater stress-relief.

3. Jinn
App also available on iOS and Android

If you can’t be bothered to cook over the Christmas period, Jinn is a replacement for that thick pile of takeaway menus in your kitchen drawer. Simply search by location for a variety of restaurants and have the Jinn courier order and deliver your meal to your door.

4. Amazon Prime Now delivery
App also available on iOS and Android, free

Amazon Prime Now is a new service that entitles you to a parcel delivery within a matter of hours. Unfortunately this service is currently only available within London but there is always Amazon’s regular app for the rest of us.

5. StreetLink
App available on iOS and Android, free

Christmas is a time for thinking of others and StreetLink has provided an easy way for members of the public to notify the authorities about people who may be sleeping rough. The app has led to almost 11,000 alerts to local services in the past 12 months and help for 4,000 rough sleepers.

6. Dreamdays Countdown Free
App available on iOS and Android, free

If you’re looking forward to Christmas, this app will heighten your anticipation. If you feel like you’ll never be ready in time, you may find it a little stressful. But either way, this stylish countdown will help you to keep tabs on how long is left until the big day.

7. Inkly Cards
App available on iOS and Android, free

This app allows you to send printed postcards and greetings cards, complete with your own handwritten message, straight from your tablet or mobile phone. Inkly offers hundreds of designs and a Christmas card will cost you £2.99 plus 49p first class postage.

8. Gift Professor

Which of your friends and family are the hardest to buy for? Well now you can find the perfect gift with an app that allows you to search for ideas by gender, age range, their interests and the nature of your relationship to them.

9. Wish
App available on iOS and Android, Free

Looking for last minute bargains? Wish suggests flash deals in categories of your choice, such as dresses, watches and makeup. It then allows you to buy these items directly from the app, saving you time by cutting out the middle man.

10. Deliveries: a package tracker
App available on iOS and Android, £3.99

Once you’ve completed your online shopping, you’ll want to make sure your gifts are delivered on time. Track the delivery of your packages purchased from multiple retailers within this single app and you’ll never miss a delivery time again.

To read the original Daily Telegraph article, click here: http://goo.gl/pteUow

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