Top iPhone tips for business users

Top iPhone tips for business users

Your working environment now stretches far beyond the bounds of the traditional office workspace. Most business people spend a significant part of their time operating from mobile devices, making calls, sending emails and browsing the web. So what are the tricks that would make you even more productive on the move?

Here are our favourite tips for business people using an iPhone with the latest iOS 8 operating system installed.

Respond to a call with a text

Can’t take a call? Sometimes we need to multitask and work as our own PA when we’re operating away from the office. So did you know there’s a simple way to respond by text to a call you are unable to take during a meeting.

Just tap Message to send a prewritten text message response when you’re busy. Customize the messages in Settings > Phone > Respond with Text.


Reach your favourite people quickly

When time is of the essence, you may need to contact recent callers or common contacts in a hurry. Double-click the Home button, then tap a favorite or recent contact to call or message. You can add a person to Favorites in Phone.


Get reply notifications

Knowledge is power and knowing when somebody reads your message can be a powerful advantage in many business situations. Waiting for a response to an email? When viewing a message, tap the mark message button, then tap Notify Me.


Just deleted an email by mistake?

Here is a very useful trick. If you delete an email by mistake, simply shake your iPhone (yes, shake it!), then tap Undo. You may be shaking it already in frustration at your careless error!


Type accented characters

Many business people operate in a global marketplace. Customer names may include accented characters, so how do you type François or José?

Simply touch and hold a character to view its alternatives. Then slide to pick the one you want.


Switch to other keyboards

You may need to take things a step further than accented characters and type a whole message in a foreign language! Did you know you can add more keyboards — for emoji or other languages — in Settings > General > Keyboard. To switch keyboards, tap or hold down the next keyboard button whenever the keyboard appears.



Schedule Do Not Disturb

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so while we’re recharging our phone batteries, we sometimes require some peace and quiet to recharge our own too. The Do Not Disturb feature silences calls and alerts when iPhone is locked. Schedule it for overnight in Settings > Do Not Disturb and enjoy your beauty sleep. Don’t worry – your morning alarm will still ring.


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