Office 365

Bringing together the best communications and collaboration tools as a convenient subscription-based model, Office 365 provides businesses with unrivalled flexibility in the way it can be used and deployed.

Managed in the cloud, your information is constantly backed-up and users always have access to the latest version of their applications. At Forth Tech, we support over 1,000 Office 365 accounts for clients who are now able to access email, documents, contacts and calendars from any web-connected computer, tablet or smartphone.

Various subscriptions are available, each offering a different combination of apps – some available in the cloud and others for local installation.


Setting up a brand new Office 365 account is quick and simple. But most businesses moving to this system will require help with the challenging task of migrating large quantities of existing data stored as emails, calendar items, contacts, tasks and even settings.

Forth Tech has successfully migrated over 1,000 Office 365 accounts for clients, transferring entire desktop environments with minimal interruptions to their working day.


If an end user or administrator deletes an email, OneDrive file or SharePoint site and it becomes unrecoverable, you would need to contact Microsoft support and await a solution — with no guaranteed timeline for resolution.

That’s why Forth Tech offers an additional Office 365 safeguard, which allows for individual items to be backed up and restored. This is particularly relevant with the worrying rise in ransomware attacks.

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