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Studies show that 70% of SME businesses that experience a major data loss will cease trading within two years. That’s what makes a reliable backup process and disaster recovery plan so vital.

Every year, businesses lose millions of pounds worth of data to disasters such as water damage, fires, power outages, theft, equipment failure and simple operator error. But without an effective strategy to recovery your files, the cost to reproduce sales, marketing and accounts records could be more than your organisation could bear. The following options could help mitigate that risk:

ONSITE BACKUP – An automated backup of your servers and desktops. Typically stored on a local backup server or NAS device.

BUSINESS CONTINUITY – Virtualisation technology can be used to enable the offsite replication of all servers in order to provide a ‘fail-over’ cloud environment in the event of a disaster.

DISASTER RECOVERY – As part of their disaster recovery planning, many organisations opt for ‘offsite backup’ where server data is sent to a secure cloud environment from where it can be restored in the event of a major incident.


Microsoft offers some basic recovery options for Office 365 data. But when a user accidentally deletes a file, it is often a challenge to recover lost items. What’s more, if an administrator deletes an email or SharePoint site, you might need to contact Microsoft directly for a solution — with no guaranteed timeline for resolution.

For greater peace-of-mind, Forth Tech offers a comprehensive solution, which allows for individual file backups and restores – particularly relevant with the worrying rise in ransomware attacks.


Many businesses limit their backups to their servers in order to reduce costs. But this leaves them open to losing important documents like financial spreadsheets or sales presentations stored directly on workstations. Can you trust your employees to always store files to the server?

Our PC backup solution takes two backups of your business documents every day to provide 56 restore versions over a 28-day period.  This data is automatically copied offsite and can be restored quickly in the event of a loss or ransomware attack.


Often overlooked however websites can be hacked and be inadvertently be the source for the onward transmission of viruses.  By backing up on a regular basis your website can be quickly back online and your reputation saved.


A growing number of modern backup solutions incorporate elements of both local and cloud backup methods, together with business continuity options that will keep your business functioning in the event of a major incident.

Described as a hybrid solution, Forth Tech views this mix of technologies as a “game changer” and an option that every organisation should consider seriously. Our hybrid cloud backup solution even includes automatic checks for ransomware and tests the backup is usable by completing a partial restore.

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